$75 to attend as a representative
$150 to set a personal constellation
(Only three available)
Space is limited
To Register: Email beggenberger@comcast.net or Call: 916-201-9304

Participants must register and pay by March 14.
This is a private residence and only those
with paid reserved spaces will be given directions and a gate code.
Barbara Eggenberger is a licensed Marriage Family Therapist in Oregon and California and a certified facilitator of Constellation Work.

Barbara Eggenberger is a licensed Marriage Family Therapist in Oregon and
California and a certified facilitator of Systemic Constellation Work.
Duckridge Farm is the creation and residence of Portland architect, Jeffery Miller. To learn more about this special place, check out the website at Duckridge Farm.
Systemic Constellation Workshop
March 17, 2012
10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Portland, Oregon
Join us for a day of wonder in the magical gardens of Duckridge Farm. We will set
constellations, enjoy a buffet lunch and take walks through the beautiful gardens.
What is Constellation Work?
Constellation Work is an energetic process that originated in Europe over 30 years ago and has since been gaining in popularity all over the world. It was originally used for healing families but is now applied to businesses, organizations, relationships, health, finances and even communities, groups and events with the same excellent results.

The process uses others to stand as reference points in a particular situation. For reasons that have never been explained, when these others stand as reference points, they begin to experience feelings and thoughts that are intimately related to that person or aspect of the situation, even when they have no idea what they are representing. I once set a representative for a house that someone was considering buying. The representative began to act like a cowboy in the role. I laughed and asked the client if this house was a “Ranch” style house. Sure enough, it was.
Anyone can be a representative. It is not role playing and does not require any special skills. Representing in a constellation is a magical experience and results in deeper self contact and an increased sense of ease and joy. When we represent, we are making visceral contact with something very natural but far wiser and knowing than us. It is an experience that can change the way you perceive life.