Fees and Services

Face-to-Face Psychotherapy/Healing Sessions   

I charge $175 per hour.  In that hour, I check you empathically, relate what I find, listen to your thoughts and clear whatever contracted energy is ready to be cleared.  Most clients feel calmer, clearer and more connected after even one session.  They also leave with a deeper understanding of what has been going on beneath their symptoms.  

Phone Sessions

I charge $175 an hour for phone sessions. 
Phone sessions are actual appointments for a specific amount of time.  

Constellation Workshops  

If you are interested, please contact me at barbegg11@gmail.com or call me at 916-201-9304 and I will add you to my newsletter where I announce the next workshops.

Private one-on-one Constellations  

I charge $175 an hour for a private constellation whether it is done in person, over the phone or in absentia. 


Contact Information

Barbara Eggenberger, MFT
 1905 22nd Street
 Sacramento, CA  95816