Systemic Constellation Work is a process where others stand in the role of you and the people or issues in your life and receive information that is coming from a very deep truth within your system.  This is not role playing.  Other's bodies become antennas that allow them to tap into the informational memory of your system and report what is going on.   It might be your family system, your body system, your relationship system or even your job system. 

The information will resonate with you in an intimate way and at the same time give you a completely new awareness of what is causing difficulty.  Clients often report that they "knew" but didn't know at the same time.  As representatives tap into your system, the information shows up in them as bodily feelings and responses.  When a contraction is revealed, a facilitator can intervene in specific ways to release it and allow energy to flow freely.  This freeing up of energy is called "coming to a resolution" and when it occurs the participants as well as the observers feel immediate relief and ease. 

I cannot say enough good things about this process to do it justice.  I have been using it for 13 years and it has transformed my life and my psychotherapy practice.  Unfortunately the experience is difficult to convey to others with words.   It is like trying to describe the taste of a strawberry to someone who has never had one before...there's really nothing quite the same. People usually walk away saying, "You're right Barb, it isn't like anything I've ever done before."  

The Sweet Mystery

There is a wonderful mystery to this work.  Fifty years after its discovery by Dr. Bert Hellinger in Germany, no one has been able to explain how these constellations work.   How can a complete stranger feel what's happening in my life and express it with such accuracy?  It doesn't seem possible but over and over it happens without any training or effort on the representative's behalf.  Simply saying yes to the role is enough to activate the process.  And how does it impact people and situations that are not present and often have no idea a constellation is taking place?  Because it certainly does!  Families, jobs, and many situations change dramatically after a constellation.

What Can It Do For You?

This work is Big Medicine. Besides freeing up the energy in your system, it also opens a door to an expanded view of reality.  It does so gently and with great love and wisdom.  One of the major benefits of experiencing this work is described as being more in the flow of life and seeing everything from a broader perspective of love and forgiveness.  You begin to connect with a wisdom that is a part of everyone and everything. As you allow this energy to move through you, life becomes easier and more harmonious.  It has nothing to do with beliefs or thought processes. It comes from an embodied wisdom that once experienced, is never forgotten.  It is an embodied experience of returning to grace.

Couples Work

Constellations hold the answer to the question of "How could so much love go so wrong?" Often marriages fail because of energetic entanglements within each partner's family system. Constellations can change relationship dynamics in your personal life very quickly.  I’ve had couples come in and tell me they want a divorce.  They want my assistance to make sure the divorce goes well.  Several times we do a constellation and something old and chronic shifts and they end up staying married and are happier than ever because the entanglement that was interrupting their flow has been released.  


Parents often do constellations on their children’s troubles and find that these troubles are being passed down from other generations.  Once these entanglements are cleared, the children brighten up and become more happily engaged.  This is the primary use of this work—the clearing of generational entanglements.  Families are systems and when things happen in a system that are not dealt with and processed, individuals in future generations are affected.

Future Desires

Some constellations are about what a person wants in their life like a partner or a career or money or even a different place to live..  One of my clients wanted a life partner and when she set up herself and a future partner, the future partner backed far away from her.  When the facilitator brought in her father, she turned away from him.  After some work the client was able to accept her father as he was and as she did so, the future partner drew closer.  Six months later she met a man who had been in her life but not romantically.  They have been together now for several years.  


Sometimes people have difficult situations in their life like an illness or a disabled child or an unbearable loss.  Setting these up in a constellation can be very healing even if it doesn’t “change” the situation.  When you see beneath a chronic illness to the heart and soul of where it is coming from and you allow this truth to permeate your being, even though you may still have this illness, you are at peace with it in a new way.  It is also true that symptoms may be reduced or disappear after a constellation.


I would consider any energy block in the system to be due to trauma as it takes a strong event to overpower our natural life force.  Systemic trauma and personal trauma can be accessed in a constellation and metabolized by the representative's body.  When the representative allows the traumatic feelings to flow through his body, it frees up the blockage in the client's body.  I have experienced this many times and even when the traumatized person is not present, there are reports of dramatic changes that occur very quickly.  

There are many books and articles and websites on this work and I encourage you to check them out.  Even better, go to a workshop and be a representative.  It is so much fun!  Then set your own constellation and watch the changes that occur.  If you want a private constellation with me or want to attend one of my workshops, please contact me.