Constellation Story 
Business Constellations

There is an innate order to all things and when that innate order is established and supported, magical things begin to happen effortlessly.  Several years ago I developed a Business Constellation that aligns all the parts of your business for maximum flow.  The following is a story of just how smart your business can be in aligning itself.

The client had never had a constellation before.  He had been in business as a
single practitioner for over ten years and was ready to expand in some very specific directions.  Some of the directions were:  getting a partner, becoming a giant internet presence with an online interactive format, presenting workshops via online media, and becoming known and recognized as a leader in his field of work.

Normally when I set up a business constellation, I have seven parts of the business:  cash flow, customers, owner, product, etc.  This constellation had 15 parts that included all the changes this man wanted to make, including a part for "make no changes at all."

This was a private constellation so we used papers for each part and placed them on the floor just as we would have placed representatives.  All the papers were numbered with their actual identity hidden from me but known to the client.

I felt drawn to one paper and then another and in a very organic pattern each of the parts made itself known and released constricted energy.  Some parts wanted to be close to each other and other parts didn't seem to have a place.  This man's family was also included because their needs would certainly impact how much else he could do.

Slowly the papers began to negotiate and line up until there were only five that could not find a place.  As I stood on one of these, I experienced a deep shock of falling a great distance. When I voiced this to the client, he said his father had fallen off of a building and died.  This unprocessed trauma was attached to money and business owner.  The question, "Is it okay for me to thrive when my father died so horribly?" came up and cleared.

After that the last papers found their place except for one.  The one that didn't have a place had been directing the other papers throughout the constellation.  I was deeply puzzled that it had no place.  I asked the client if it made sense that this paper didn't have a place and he laughed and said yes.  I turned the paper over and voila, it was, "make no changes."

The energy flow of the papers that lined up was magnificent!  Each one had cleared its restrictions and was perfectly aligned to do what it was meant to do.

When I last saw this client, he had a partner and was well on his way to becoming a huge internet presence.  His business had expanded in almost all the ways he had desired with the last ones waiting at the gate ready to go.