As I write this, I have been a successful therapist in private practice for over twenty years. My journey to become a therapist seems less important now than my journey as a therapist. Much has changed in my way of being in the world.  I am calm and content and deeply happy for no discernible reason.  I feel a deep connection with myself and others.  My experience of "reality" is vastly different and my initiation into true healing and transformation has had many awakenings and expansions.

The work has taken me to places not known of in the beginning.  My own trauma for instance, and the hidden role it played in my life and my relationships.  I had no idea it existed.  The wall I kept banging up against felt like a personal failing--a character flaw. But then one day, at the end of my therapeutic rope, I reached out for something new and I found the first step in what would become a healing phenomenon.  That step led to many more and there was never a definitive last step that was the answer to everything. Just more and more steps that kept leading to deeper and deeper satisfaction, peace and aliveness. 

Each step brought me closer to my authentic being.  I fell in love with me and then I fell in love with everything and everyone else.  Now I am a therapist and a healer.  I see and feel deeply into the heart and soul of another's suffering and I find a way to release them.  I am gifted to have this work and the opportunity to offer it to others.