"Innate Movements of the Soul" are natural unconditioned responses belonging to one's essential nature. Join me in a journey that returns you to the innate flow of your own being.

Are you tired of struggling?

Are you seeing the same old patterns show up
 over and over?

Have you gotten excited about using a self-help
 book only to find nothing changes?

Are you hungry for more? 

I use a blend of clinically-validated techniques and powerful alternative approaches that when applied in a timely and sensitive manner heal acute and life-long patterns of emotional pain.  
I offer a consistent and systematic plan for healing your pain and increasing your joy and satisfaction.  It requires a comittment to our relationship and the building of trust as we explore your inner and outer worlds and resolve barriers that prevent you from living life to the fullest.
If you are ready to begin a journey that leads to more satisfying connection and joy in your relationships with everyone and everything, please press here.

Systemic Constellation Work

Systemic Constellation Work heals our relationship with self and others in a beautiful and delightful way that bypasses our intellect and defenses and goes directly to the core of the issue lovingly releasing it and leaving us feeling whole and connected in ways we never believed possible.

Constellation Work is as fun as watching live theater only the play is about you.  The traditional form of this work is used for healing transgenerational patterns in our family but it is also useful in looking at and energetically transforming our relationship with any aspect of our life, be it with others, money, time, age, job, even life purpose and health.  Any relationship can be set in a constellation and be seen more deeply and often shifted in directions of healing and transformation.  For more information on this amazing process press here.